Dermapen for Skin Needling

Growing up, there are a lot of things you wish you had done sooner. It may be visiting your dream destination, being brave to try something new or even simply using a good sunscreen to name a few.


For one, you might have wished to have a good skincare routine, but don’t worry because it’s never too late. Spur your collagen production and restore your overall youthful skin with Dermapen skin needling.

If you’re one of the unlucky people who suffered from severe acne outbreak in your teenage years, it’s best to enjoy the benefits of this treatment. Though your acne and blemishes have healed through time, your skin has endured skin indentations and discolouration in the form of scars. 

At Roycroft Medical Centre, most of our patients trust us with their concerns about acne scars. Acne scars could alter the tone and texture of the skin. If this happens, don’t fret and believe that damage is reversible. Roycroft Medical Centre extends the latest technology in skin rejuvenation

When it comes to acne scars and dark spots, Dermapen skin needling is one of the most commonly requested skincare treatments. DermaPen Micro-Needling truly delivers many of the same benefits of more expensive skin treatments at a more affordable price point. 

Embrace a young smooth and healthy skin today with Dr. Usha’s Dermapen skin needling treatment. 

What is Dermapen Skin Needling? 

Dermapen is one of the most effective treatments for acne scars, dark spots, fine lines, and even wrinkles. Dermapen also offers incredible results for aging and scarring, so you don’t have to worry about your dull-looking skin.  

Dermapen needles cause micro-punctures in the skin and  help stimulate collagen production. It tightens the pores and improves your skin by puncturing the top layer of the skin to promote healing. With Dr. Usha’s expertise, you’ll achieve younger-looking skin in no time. 

Treat your Skin Problems with Dermapen

This treatment is commonly used on the face. However, Dermapen is not only great to achieve that facial glow. It can also treat common skin problems such as stretch marks and scars on targeted areas of the skin. 

It is a suggested treatment by experts because it reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Are you wondering why this treatment is for you? Find out more and be amazed of the things dermapen can do for your skin.


• Do you want to get rid of your scars?  

Scars – they are reminders of the yesteryears. If you’ve suffered from an injury, severe acne outbreak, or surgery, chances are you have got scars. Though your wounds have healed, your scars will not significantly fade over time. Dermapen skin needling can stimulate your skin to replace damaged skin cells with newer ones.

• Do you wish to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks?  

Similar to scars, stretch marks do not disappear completely. Dermapen is a great remedy to minimise the appearance of stretch marks. It initiates healing by increasing the skin’s natural proteins, the collagen and elastin.


• Do you want to minimise your fine lines and wrinkles? ​

Topical creams and face serums give you a promise to enhance your skin. Layered with moisturiser, masks, and night creams, face serums induce elastin and collagen.  


While these topical creams are great, Dermapen offers more lasting results. Considered to be the best anti-aging treatment, it stimulates a higher production of elastin and collagen. It causes the skin to tighten and thicken as well.  

Mill Park's Anti Wrinkle Treatment Experts

How Long Will the Treatment Be?   

Dermapen treatments vary from person to person depending on each case. Treatments can be done repeatedly over the course of 4 to 6 weeks until you achieve the desired results. 

Often, it’s advisable to start with 3 treatments and see how your skin reacts to the process. If you wish to reduce your scars, an average of 3 to 6 treatments is recommended for you to see significant results. Typically, you’ll immediately see the effects after the first treatment. But it’s good to note that lasting results will occur after 4 to 6 treatments.

How Deep Does the Dermapen Go?

Depending on the results you’re looking for, Dermapen can penetrate lightly or deeply into your skin. For instance, if you wish to heal your skin from signs of sun damage and light scarring, it is best to have mid-penetration to give a positive impact on your skin’s tone and texture.

Experience a Different Kind of Glow Only Here in Roycroft Medical Centre

Having a Dermapen skin needling goes far beyond healing old acne scars or stretch marks. Reap the great benefits of the treatment and enjoy a younger-looking skin by:  

  • Improving your overall skin tone and texture 

  • Minimising the appearance of skin pores 

  • Increasing product absorption 

Enjoy that youthful glow with a safe and non-invasive treatment. The first step is to call us today at 03 9404 4222. Be part of the beauty revolution now. Visit the best cosmetic skin clinic in Melbourne today. 


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