Fat Reduction

For years, spot reduction was a dream far from the reach of people who have stubborn and unwanted fat pockets. But not anymore. Are you hoping to get rid of your double chins, batwing upper arms, muffin tops, love handles, jelly bellies, thunder thighs, and fleshy upper knees?

Reduce stubborn fat without the stress of suction wands poking inside your skin. Say hello to non-invasive fat reduction technologies at Roycroft Medical Centre.

With Dr. Usha’s expert hands, slim down stubborn fat pockets and improve body contours without surgery, scars, or downtime. Read on and learn more about fat reduction treatments available in our cosmetic skin clinic

A Treatment for You

Everyone has heard about liposuction, the traditional, and extensive surgical fat removal procedure that was popular in the 80s.

Years have passed and modern technology paved the way for easier, non-invasive, and quicker treatments to reduce fat and contour parts of your body. If you’re afraid of surgery, our non-surgical fat reduction treatment works best for you.

Some non-invasive fat reduction options use different types of procedures, including ultrasound, radiofrequency, infrared light, vacuum massage, and injectable medication.

Our minimally invasive option for fat reduction uses advanced technologies like heat, cooling, or an injected medication to reduce fat cells.  

This treatment is a great alternative to provide options for patients like you who are unwilling or unable to undergo surgery.

At Roycroft Medical Centre, we walk you through the process and use the best method to suit your cosmetic needs.

2 Ways to do Fat Reduction

Our minimally invasive options for fat reduction include injecting natural products under the skin that dissolve fat and using radiofrequency treatment that reduces fat. 

1. Injectable Fat Dissolver 

Fat-dissolving injections (lipolysis) are individually tailored injectable treatments that permanently dissolve fat cells. This revolutionising treatment works best for isolated pockets of subcutaneous fat, including fat around the bra line, fat deposits around the waistline, and the double chin. It is not ideal to inject all over your body.  

2. Radiofrequency Lipolysis 

If you want to reduce a localised fat bulge that still exists even after diet and exercise, you might want to consider radiofrequency lipolysis. 

While each of these ways is unique and effective on its own, you can quickly see weight loss results when injectable fat dissolver and radiofrequency lipolysis are combined. 

These treatments are great alternatives to provide options for patients like you who are unwilling or unable to undergo surgery.  

At Roycroft Medical Centre, we walk you through the process and use the best method to suit your cosmetic needs.  

Our Process

When you choose to have a fat reduction treatment, Dr. Usha would help you assess the key areas you can improve. With Roycroft Medical Centre’s team of seasoned experts, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we are all working to give you the best. 

Non-Invasive Fat Loss

Ditch the invasive surgery procedures and embrace your new figure with our fat reduction treatment. Slim down your trouble areas permanently with zero downtime.

High-Quality Medical Devices

Roycroft Medical Centre only uses high-quality and medical-grade devices. This is to ensure that we give you the best service you deserve. 

Excellent Results

You can see clear and consistent improvement from the first session up to the last. We help you illustrate these improvements through accurate data and pre to post-treatment images.

Body Positive

Our primary focus is setting a benchmark of body positivity. We encourage you to set the benchmark of a happy and confident physique with the help of our friendly and caring team.

Is it a good option for me? 

You might be one of the many who would be asking, “Does non-surgical fat reduction work for me?” Well, it’s a great question. Ideally, most patients who undergo the treatment do not drastically lose weight. Some are even already in their best weight. If you’re trying to reshape or reduce isolated pockets of fat, this is a great option for you. 

With this treatment, you’ll reap these benefits:

  • Minimal downtime 

  • No scars and incisions 

  • Little to no side effects 

  • Results last longer if you maintain your weight


It is always important to set realistic expectations for this treatment. Most treatments can significantly change a person’s weight if coupled with proper exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and weight maintenance. So, hit the gym and eat your greens after this treatment.

Be Allured by The Best

Dr. Usha, together with his team at Roycroft Medical Centre, brings you a great slimming method for fat reduction and a body sculpting that offers immediate results.

In a 20 to 40-minute session, our slimming device can cause 2-10 cm loss in a treated area: abdomen, back, flanks, buttocks, thighs or knees!

Go on and live your best lives sporting a more confident you. Our non-invasive, fat reducing, non-wounding body sculpting and cellulite reduction procedure has no restrictions after treatment.


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