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The Icon Aesthetic System features high-pinnacle, advanced functions and the proprietary Skintel® Melanin Reader develops instant medical care with excellent results.  


Wave goodbye to unwanted wrinkles and ugly scars! Icon Aesthetic System, better known as laser treatment, specialises in treating skin imperfections. With the help of the icon laser system, you can expect your skin to regenerate its natural skin tone and restore its beauty. Add to that the non-ablative IPL therapy, from which you can take advantage of the IPL treatment for pigmentation. These help your skin brighten and maintain its natural appearance.  


Being FDA-approved, our innovative icon laser therapy does not damage the upper layers of your skin. Our non-ablative laser will do great wonders for you and your skin. We treat deep skin imperfections, such as scars and stretch marks. Our safe and effective medical care will reduce the unpleasant skin deformities you may have. 

How Icon Laser Works

Intense pulsed light will treat your skin from sun damage, thread veins, and hyperpigmentation. Aside from being a beneficial agent for these skin problems, it also reduces the effects of acne infiltration in your skin. The IPL or icon laser emits wavelengths or beams of heat that causes your skin to look smoother and more attractive. 


The Skintel® Melanin Reader provides the accurate melanin density of the skin. The tool will recognise your skin’s average melanin quantity to avoid risk during the treatment. Determining the skin type will give the right amount of treatment for the laser and IPL procedures.  

Icon Laser Treatments/Skin Resurfacing 

With the icon laser treatment, aesthetic practices can be observed, including: 


  • Facial vessel and pigment clearance - As we age, certain skin conditions emerge. Icon laser helps in keeping your skin refreshed, and it gives you a glowing look for the second time.  


  • Surgical and acne scar treatment - Laser resurfacing improves the appearance of your skin. Its removes stubborn scars from surgeries or acnes.  


  • Stretch mark treatment - Stretch marks usually develop during or after pregnancy. Given that applying any cream is not enough, laser treatments will help in getting rid of undesirable marks on your bellies or other parts of the body.  


  • Wrinkle reduction - Icon laser works well with deeper skin imperfections. It is used to reduce wrinkles or fine lines on the face.  


  • Leg vein clearance - Disappointed of having varicose veins? Get them cleared with IPL or Icon laser treatments. Icon laser uses heat energy that penetrates the skin and destroys the vessel that causes leg or spider veins.  


  • Permanent hair reduction – Using laser treatment for hair removal will save you time. Icon laser can be precise in removing unwanted hair from any part of the body.  


  • Skin laser – This includes many factors. It could be pore reduction, determining age spots, and treating sun-damaged skin. All these treatments are done by highly functional Icon laser or IPL procedures. 

Why Choose Roycroft Medical Centre?

Are you looking to address your aesthetic concerns today? Choose the most reliable general practitioner in town. Dr. Usha Venkataraman, a licensed cosmetic and medical professional, will answer all your aesthetic needs. Our GP specialises in cosmetic treatments and other medical care procedures. We are a trusted medical centre, where commitment is on the top of the line.  


Backed by over three decades of experience in the business, Roycroft Medical Centre takes pride in its ever-growing cosmetics treatments. We take extra care when attending to all our clients of different ages and backgrounds. We are an established centre in Melbourne that provides high-quality medical care to all.  


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