IPL Photorejuvenation

Want to achieve fresher, younger-looking skin? IPL photorejuvenation might just be the answer! This innovation in aesthetic medicine is a godsend to beauty enthusiasts of all ages. While skin creams, moisturisers, and even anti-ageing supplements can also bring plenty of benefits, the results are not as immediate and long-lasting as that of a photo facial or photo rejuvenation treatment. 


IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL photorejuvenation is a type of light therapy, similar to laser, that treats wrinkles, spots, unwanted hair, and other skin imperfections you may want to treat. Read on to learn more about this treatment.  

What happens during the IPL treatment? 
What is IPL Photo Rejuvenation? 

IPL Photorejuvenation is an effective way to correct sun damage, reduce uneven skin colour, smooth wrinkles, reduce acne, acne scarring and refine texture. IPL technology is based on the same principle as laser, but laser uses only one wavelength of light. IPL, on the other hand, emits a broad spectrum of pulsed light. It aims to reach several layers of the skin simultaneously. Think of a camera flash, and you’ll get the picture.  


IPL’s wavelengths go deeper, particularly into the second layer of your skin or your dermis. It does so without causing damage to the top layer or the epidermis.  


When IPL wavelengths reach your skin’s pigment cells, these cells absorb light energy. They convert this light energy into heat. Then, the heat destroys your problem pigments, such as freckles, dark spots, areas of discolouration, and more.  


This is why IPL is primarily used to treat skin problems related to colour and texture. More examples of this are:  


  • Age spots 

  • Sun damage 

  • Freckles 

  • Birthmarks 


Your skin texture will also be refined because the process stimulates new collagen growth. It involves collagen contracture through heating and mild inflammatory skin response. 


The process also involves dermal heating, which improves skin texture. Micro-wounding, another feature of IPL photorejuvenation, activates growth factors and natural skin repair processes. 


The results continue to improve long after the treatment, as IPL stimulates your own natural collagen to rebuild and rejuvenate the skin. A course of treatments are required to obtain optimum results; however, this may vary according to individual requirement. 

You might be wondering what to expect during your session with Dr. Usha at Roycroft Medical Centre. Here is a quick rundown on what happens during the procedure.  


First, our staff cleans the area on your skin, whether that’s on your face or your body. They then rub a gel onto that area; this is done for your comfort and for the protection of your skin. You need your eyes to be protected as well, so you will be required to wear protective glasses during the procedure.  


When everything is ready, they begin to focus the IPL device onto the area and apply light pulses one after the other. These pulses could sting a little bit, but it’s over before you know it – the treatment takes about half an hour or less.  


After that, you are free to get on with your day. The downtime does not involve any more than a feeling of being sunburnt. This means that you should avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight and applying harsh creams or chemicals onto your skin. Dr. Usha will also leave you with necessary aftercare advice.  

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