Laser Hair Reduction

Feeling uneasy about unwanted hairs in your body? Worry no more! Roycroft Medical Centre offers a wide range of cosmetic services throughout the vicinity of Melbourne. Our centre features its trusted IPL laser hair removal treatment and remedial care for all your hair problems. We are staffed by a committed and professional team who performs basic skin and hair treatments for all your cosmetic needs.  


When you visit our clinic, you will learn why using pulsed light in a hair removal session is highly recommended. Aside from being the widely used tool in various therapies, it is the most effective in hair reduction procedures. It works in any part of the body, making it very efficient for all patients, especially for women.  


Our smart and innovative IPL laser treatment will not cause any harm to your body. We have a state-of-the-art facility that has been used to serve patients of different ages, and our clinic has been the go-to hub for any cosmetic concerns. Our safe and sufficient hair removal procedures will reduce any unsightly hair wools in your body. Being FDA-approved, all of our services can guarantee you excellent results that you truly deserve.   

How Laser Hair Removal Works  

We use intense pulse light treatments for permanent hair reduction, using specific wavelengths of light energy that convert to heat energy (thermal tissue interaction) in the hair follicle. It targets the melanin in the hair follicle to loosen the hair and destroy the cells that are responsible for new hair growth. This is done in a course of treatments. 


As IPL releases beams of heat, it travels through the hair follicle and heats the stem of hair fibres. But take note that only black, brown, or reddish hair can be removed. This is better than shaving or even waxing, as these procedures are not enough to permanently remove unwanted hair; rather, it only functions temporarily and may irritate certain parts of the body.  


At Roycroft Medical Centre, we use Palomar medical-grade laser and IPL systems. Palomar lasers function in different cosmetic treatments, such as laser hair removal, acne treatments, scar and wrinkle removal, photo facials, skin resurfacing, leg vein lasers, and others. The machine works best for light and dark skin. It treats different parts of the body, making it applicable to all cosmetic concerns you may have.  

What Areas Can Be Treated

The areas of the body that can be treated are as follows: 

  • Upper lip 

  • Sides of face 

  • Chin 

  • Cheeks 

  • Lower half face 

  • Neck 

  • Abdomen female / Male 

  • Breasts (areolar) 

  • Male Full Back (including shoulders) 

  • Male Chest 

  • Buttocks (full) 

  • Bikini line 

  • Extended bikini line 

  • Brazillian 

  • Snail trail 

  • Full leg 

  • Lower leg 

  • Upper leg 

  • Toes and feet 

  • Full arm 

  • ½ arm 

  • Underarms 

Mill Park's Source for Laser Hair Removal

Why Choose Roycroft Medical Centre

Are you looking to end your hair problems? Hire the finest and most trusted general practitioner in Melbourne today. Dr. Usha Venkataraman, a licensed cosmetic professional, will address all your skin problems. Our GP, together with our committed team of experts, will work hand in hand to give you the highest quality of service that you deserve.  


Backed by years of successful operation in the industry, Roycroft Medical Centre has helped different clients with their hair problems. Aside from featuring our excellent laser hair reduction program, we also cater to different aesthetic and cosmetic services, such as fat reduction, mesotherapy, skin pigmentation treatment, dermal filler face, IPL/Icon laser, dermabrasion for wrinkles, PRP treatment, and many more. All these are done with full commitment to our mission and goals as a service provider.  


Say goodbye to any unwanted hair today! We are open from Thursday to Friday, at 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. Our centre is located at 212 Roycroft Avenue Mill Park. We will be waiting for you. 


Contact us today and book for an appointment. You can reach us through the following: 


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