Platelet Therapy

The field of sports medicine is advancing at a rapid pace; encouraging millions of people, from athletes to the general population, to participate in regular activities to stay healthy and active. However, this increase in physical activity has also led to an increase in musculoskeletal injuries.  

Musculoskeletal injuries are soft tissue injuries caused by sudden impact, force, vibration, and unbalanced position. Untreated ones can harm an individual further down the line. As long as it goes untreated, it remains a risk to a person’s life and health.  

The World Health Organisation has recently recognised that musculoskeletal injuries affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide and are the most common cause of severe long-term pain and physical disability. In Australia alone, there are almost 4 cases of medically treated sporting injuries per 100 persons.

The Answer To Your Aesthetic Goals

The beauty industry has made innovative breakthroughs throughout the years. One of the most significant breakthroughs that the aesthetic medicine field is the use of PRP treatment to achieve their clients’ aesthetic goals.  

For people who are trying to keep hair loss at bay, Platelet therapy can promote hair growth and prevent further loss. Once injected onto the scalp, the procedure works by treating alopecia in both male and female patients. 

PRP treatment means the platelet is taken from your blood and injected under your skin. This is a natural alternative to cosmetic procedures. The results will also be natural-looking, new collagen formation, and firmness of the skin. This means that there are very few chances of things going south. This is a perfectly natural alternative to many cosmetic procedures. As such, the results will also be natural-looking, and Dr. Usha has been doing it in 15 years.​

Wide Range of Other Uses

There are countless more uses for PRP Treatments. Aside from its medical and aesthetic purposes, many clinics have ventured out in using it for the upkeep of individual health and wellness. Many people have benefited from its anti-microbial properties and other features.  

Amazing Results with a Qualified Professional 

Choose your PRP therapist carefully! Falling into the wrong hands could have grave consequences. If you want to see the benefits of platelet therapy yourself, then head on to RoyCroft Medical Centre. Our cosmetic skin clinic houses some of the best experts in Platelet Therapy like Dr. Usha.


Dr. Usha has conducted the PRP treatment on many patients and clients. With the aim to provide quality care and treatment to patients of all backgrounds and ages, she dedicates her time and expertise to give you only quality service.  

Experience the Benefits of Platelet Therapy 

The moment you step into the RoyCroft Medical Centre, we make sure you are well taken care of. We pride ourselves with innovative medical and aesthetic methods like Platelet Therapy to treat conditions and enhance your beauty.

RoyCroft Medical Center has had experience in the industry for over 15 years. You can rely on them for any medical or cosmetic services relating to Platelet Therapy.


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